This Is How You Can Realise Your Real Worth

Once a person faced severe existential crisis. Somebody suggested him to reach out to Buddha. He went to Buddha and said, “I am useless, world doesn’t need me. I don’t have any value. Do something that can make me realise my existence.”

Buddha gave him a shiny ruby stone and asked him never to sell it in any condition. Just ask its true value to at least four different people.

The man first asked a vegetable seller. The seller said, “I don’t know its true value, but it may be useful. You may have 5 kilogram of vegetables in exchange.”

When the man denied the offer then the vegetable seller tried to offer more vegetable, but the man moved ahead.

He then asked a ration seller the same question. He also offered an exchange, but the man moved on to another person.

He then met an educated man who offered him 100 gold coins. Then the man felt that he should ask a jeweler.

The jeweler immediately recognised the gem and offered 10,000 coins in return. The jeweler doubled the offer when the man began to leave.

The man told the merchant that he only wanted to know the real worth of the stone. The merchant said, “Take whatever price you like, but give it to me because it is of no use for you, but is very useful to me.”

Somehow the man managed to get away from there.

He later narrated the entire story to Buddha, who said, “A Human has the value just like this gem, which people evaluate as per their understanding, need and conditions. They evaluate us more by their need than by our true value. Those who do not do this have real love for us. So, we need not to be disappointed by other’s evaluation. We would have to preserve the feeling of our existence ourselves. If we focus more on others’ evaluation then that may keep us sad all the time.”

So, try to offer as much love and compassion in your relationships as you can. That will solve all your existential crisis.